What an exquisite piece of writing — I truly believe this will offer comfort to others going through a similar situation as yours (and trust me you are not alone.) As a bibliotherapist, it great to see you finding solace in literature — I’d be interested to know the name of that book in case I can offer it as comfort to others undergoing estrangement issues similar to yours. I’d also like to share a poem I wrote titled “Letting Your Children Go” that might resonate too.

PS grief is never a linear process and it’s ok to feel the emotions of sorrow every now and then. What’s wonderful is that you will always have your memories — maybe of when she was a little girl — and no one can take those away from you…wishing you peace.

Book therapist, author, poet & founder of Book Therapy - therapy using the power of literature: https://www.booktherapy.io/ and www.bit.ly/bibliotherapycourse

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