The average person reads 2000 books in their lifetime, how do you pick the ones which suit you most?

Bijal A Shah
4 min readFeb 21, 2022
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Time’s precious — on average we may only read 2000 books in our lifetime and for some people, it might be a fraction of that. Should we then focus on reading books that will help us, entertain us or benefit us in some way? Should we be more mindful and strategic about what we read?

That’s where Book Therapy comes in. We are a bibliotherapy practice and literary curation service that focuses on creating a truly personalised book prescription (detailed, tailored book recommendations) for our clients based on questions that explore their interests, needs and circumstances as well as reading habits. These are often therapeutic requests from dealing with grief, loss, relationships, career change, anxiety, trauma, challenging family dynamics and a myriad of other mental health issues. But sometimes these are also for personal interests which can often be surprising — the secret lives of people most certainly comes through in the choice of books that they’d like to read — anything from speculative space fiction, to novels with asexual protagonists to 18th-century gothic novels with depressed characters to reading about romantic scandals with forbidden affairs. The latter proved very popular during the pandemic when people were seeking escapism as well as meaningful gifts that could be virtually delivered for the book lover friend or family member who had everything.

This is a ‘prescription-only’ service meaning it’s a 7–10 page report with book recommendations and why they will be beneficial or interesting for our clients. However, for those of us who’d love the books too, we do also have our personalised book box service! Each book box comes with 3 hand-picked books and a £10 gift card.

Personalised Book Prescription

For many of my clients, books have been their saviour, soothing their souls during difficult transitions, family conflicts, moving countries, childhood anxieties, teenage angst, complicated relationships and navigating the competitive world of work. That’s why finding the book(s) that will be meaningful to our clients is of paramount importance. And once they’ve…

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