Great recommendations! I loved Man’s Search for Meaning and it most certainly is one of the most gifted! As a bibliotherapist (book therapist), it is certainly the one that I come across the most gifted in my work.

I also wanted to add The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Cambell — it’s a captivating take on mythology and how it explains human nature and the psyche. As a race we all ultimately have one story, a monomyth, with elements of creation and destruction. For example, there are many parallels between Greek and Hindu myths centred around similar story lines. The Hero With A Thousand Faces brings together mythology across the full spectrum of human cultures, ancient and modern, ranging from Hindu, Greek, Jewish, Maori, Buddhist, Romans amongst others.

A fascinating examination of the human psyche, including our natural desires to explain our inner world through the power of stories. I would add it as a sixth book recommendation here :)

Book therapist, author, poet & founder of Book Therapy - therapy using the power of literature: and

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