Bijal A Shah
My Favourite Books on the Bloomsbury Group

In 1905, the Bloomsbury Group began as a group of writers, artists and thinkers who came together at artist Vanessa Bell’s London home to discuss and share ideas as well as support each other’s creative work, forming firm friendships along the way. Lesser-known Vanessa Bell was Virginia Woolf’s sister.

The gathering quickly became a permanent fixture for the next 3 decades, taking the name ‘Bloomsbury’ as the majority worked or lived in townhouses within the Bloomsbury district of London. They met on Thursdays and Fridays, and whilst their art was revolutionary, they were better known for their controversial ideas…

Main Character Syndrome isn’t new and has always existed. However, it has recently been gaining significant prominence as a growing mental health concern, thanks to a TikTok trend where users have made self-deprecating videos, poking fun at themselves for feeling like a protagonist while partaking in completely mundane activities. The…

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

I recently lost my paternal grandmother of almost 90 years old to Covid-19. Still in the process of grieving, I found myself reflecting on our memories together and how these memories were shifting form in my mind. I felt compelled to write about them, perhaps as a way of healing…

Bijal A Shah

Book therapist, author, poet & founder of Book Therapy - therapy using the power of literature: and

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