11 Go-to Books on Self-Confidence

Bijal A Shah
11 min readMar 4, 2022

Here are 11 books on developing a stronger sense of self-worth, the impact of which is greater self-esteem, confidence and authenticity.

Before I discuss the books, below I’ve listed 6 of my go-to tips on building greater self-confidence. I hope it serves as a handy guide whenever you’re in need of a confidence boost.

6 wonderful ways to start building confidence today:

  1. Become self-aware and act on what you need — not what you want. Be truly aware of what you think, need and feel and be brave enough to act on this (and this might not always be what you want — sometimes what you want can lead you astray.) This should be independent of what anyone else might want for you. This is true fulfilment and it’s often seen as the difference between those who truly practice self-love versus those who think they do.
  2. Learn self-care. Be mindful of your basic needs to stay healthy. These include proper nourishment, exercise, sleep and fulfilling social interactions.
  3. Establish boundaries. Set limits to activities (whether this is work or leisure) that deplete your energy, that cause more stress than it’s worth or that have the potential to self-harm. This can be either in a physical or mental capacity. It’s about self-respect, nurturing your needs and recognising your worth. This makes it easy to love yourself.
  4. Establish strong connections and bin those that are not serving you. The right people in your life hugely influence how much you love yourself. ‘Schadenfreude’ friends — friends who obtain pleasure from your misfortune or suffering are immediate red flags in your friend circle and should be removed immediately. Life is too short. You need people who will support you during tough times and who are also there to celebrate with you during happy times. You’ll have a lot more self-respect as well as self-love.
  5. Let go. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you’ve made, for the negative consequences of bad decisions and for the pain and suffering you might have brought on yourself or others. Accept your humanity, be compassionate towards yourself — this enables self-love. Growth is found in failure.
  6. Live your purpose and values. Purpose gives us meaning — if we find this and fulfil our values — we truly…
Bijal A Shah

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